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WWWeb sources:

There are a lot of guys giving a lot of bad advice on the www, but these are some guys who are giving good advice on playing the banjo.
Cathy Moore's Banjo Meets World
Cathy's Myspace Page filled with lots of banjo music from a world perspective.

Fretless Fury - Round Peak Banjo
At this writing Tom has three lessons in playing Round Peak style fretless banjo on youtube. You will also find videos of him playing a number of tunes from the RP region both in solo versions and with his string band New Hot Times.

Donald Zepp Clearhead Banjo
Zepp has a number of videos taken through a banjo sporting a clear head (hence the name) for a stomachs eye view of the various clawhammer strokes. He also has tutorials and a enough banjo material to keep you up all night for many many nights.

Banjo Brad's Prickly Pear Music
Tutorials, tabs, links, and all sorts of Good Stuff. A tremendous amount of banjo material gathered up in one place. Fred has also written up a good selection of easy tabs for beginners Both old time tunes and folk songs using Tabledit. He is head Technical Advisor for the Rocket Science Banjo project Which means that without his help I would still be using Sharpies to scribble out tabs on recycled college ruled paper).

The Tabledit site where you can download the free TEFViewer program that allows you to read and print the tabs provided in the Rocket Science Banjo materials. You can also, if you desire, check out the full version of Tabledit program that allows you to write your own tabs. The full program costs $59.95 US, but once registered, all updates are available for free, for life.

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